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Furniture Selection

When it comes to your business, comfort, and functionality are key. As an interior design company, we know how important it is to find the right, diverse, and people-friendly look. Depending on your industry style, trends vary.

Office Design Concepts Georgia, LLC. offers commercial clients unique and creative solutions for furniture selection in conjunction with their interior design plans. Our furniture selection process includes precise planning for the ideal size and scale of the furnishings for your place of business in Atlanta. Our experienced and professional design team has access to the region’s leading furniture manufacturers and fabric suppliers to create perfect interior designs customized according to requirements.

Functional and Stylish Furniture Design

Furniture selection is a major component of interior design and decoration, along with choosing the most stylish and appropriate fabrics and textures. We assist Atlanta business owners to achieve their vision for beautiful interiors by offering access to a large selection of custom furniture, window treatments, area rugs, and accessories, along with our designers' practical and creative experts who are linked with the best local suppliers.

Save time and money with Office Design Concepts Georgia, LLC. furniture selection services in Atlanta that blend perfectly with the new or existing components of your interior design. Our customized and detailed 3D renderings give you a clear idea of the results you are looking for at the very start of design projects for:

  • Commercial spaces
  • Offices
  • Hotels and recreational facilities
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Commercial lobbies and waiting areas

Commercial Furniture Design

When it comes to office settings, you want your furniture to be functional and professional, but we cannot forget about comfort. Productivity levels will drop if your bureau chairs look great but feel awful. If you are in the service industry, comfort and design are key when it comes to profitability. Your workplace should look great, and the design should fit the industry! Creative furniture designs will attract more customers, potential employees, and business contacts because they’ll showcase your innovation.